017aea8b5553f05116f76a12ff678716c5315c0f9bDear Miss Ingrid,

Thank you for giving YaoYao a chance to learn American culture as a kid and thanks for all the help to her during those 2 months. She likes TLC very much. We are looking forward to come back again. I hope she will have a chance to grow up in this lovely place again. Best Wishes.

YaoYao's Dad & Mom



01d2fe2419186270451b74b2274b48eb47d81333a8_00001I cannot say enough great things about TLC! The entire staff are excellent and caring, and they make you feel like you are part of a family 🙂 Our daughter attended when she turned 3 up until she started kindergarten, and we send her back as a day camper every summer because she loves it so much! They encourage kids to grow, be themselves, and teach them all the important rules of life in becoming good little human beings, and have so many fun activities, she says it makes learning fun! I don't know where we would be today without this great group of teachers and of course, Ms.Ingrid. We never worry a second during the work day while she is in the care of TLC. Quite often, she is mad when we get her because she doesn't want to leave. Lol. We adore them and I am more than happy to recommend them to anyone who was as nervous and apprehensive as I was while selecting child care. They are awesome! 🙂 - Lena MacKinnon


Dear Ingrid,

I never thought our lives would cross again. TLC helped me as a single mom with a 2 and 4 year old so I could work to support them. Your staff was always friendly and caring. Now here you are again helping me with my grandchildren. It is a good feeling to know you are there for me and the kids. I appreciate all you and your staff does. I don't think there are any more grandkids coming, but maybe great grandkids. Hope you are still in business!

Thank you,

Sue, Franz, Teri, Jodi, Paisley, Jonah, and my mom Betty Stout

"The need for professional child care is a growing concern. Thankfully, there are quality facilities such as TLC Preschool to fill that need. I would like to commend you and all those associated with TLC Preschool for the wonderful things you are doing for our young ones. - Robert Bennet, Mayor of Livonia 1991

"For me to be able to go to work and have complete confidence that my kids are in a safe, caring environment (and learning too!) is a feeling I have never taken for granted. You guys are the BEST!" Mother of Molly and Arron


"I have had tremendous peace of mind knowing that my son is at TLC... I really believe that the TLC program enriched his life. Thanks for making a difference in the life of a child, my child." - Mother of Bailey

"The lessons you have taught, care you have shown, and happy times he had are things he'll never forget. In a world where it's difficult to leave your child during the day in care of others, and hope they will love and care for them as you do, I thank God for all of you!" - Mother of Carson


"TLC is a preschool with a BIG HEART!"


"Despite your hard work, you always manage genuine smiles! You all really care for the kids and it shows!" - Mother of Emily


"Once again your expertise in child care has made preschool a memorable experience for one of our children. Your patience and kindness to our son has been nothing short of perfect. This family has nothing but the highest regard for TLC." - Family of Jake

"Being a part of the TLC Family has been a wonderful experience I will treasure for a lifetime. Any child who crosses your path is very fortunate!" - Mother of Mady

"The support of you and all your wonderful staff members speaks volumes to your dedication to children and the outstanding facility you run." - Mother of Nicholas

"We couldn't have asked for better people to help us raise our son!" - Mother of Christian

"I never thought I would love a job as much as I have loved working at TLC. It has been so much more than a place of employment, coworkers, and students... TLC has been a home and a family to me. Working here for five years has been a huge blessing in my life. Only the birth of my own child could have torn me from my job in this center. I look forward to the day when he turns 2 and a 1/2 and I can hold his hand, bring him through the bright yellow doors, and let him have as much fun as I have had being here!" - Miss Lauri, TLC Teacher, 2007